Our magic promotional company Levita delivers an extraordinary and unforgettable visual experience to highlight your prestigious products. Our one of a kind concept uses levitation for promotional and artistic purposes to anchor a memory, a product, or a piece of art in your client’s mind.

” Motion creates emotions “

The Box  & The Tailored

2 solutions

Endless possibilities

A classic and elegant display case designed to levitate and highlight your high-end products.

An adaptable, tailor-made artistic levitation display case matching your needs.

Our goals


Dazzle the client and capture his attention by delivering a magical, unique visual experience.

360° display

Provide a 360° display, a complete and striking vision of the item, illustrating its finest and most subtle details.


Use magic as an intermediary between the customer and the salesperson, with powerful visuals to generate interest in your product.

Marketing tool

Spread the word about your product across social networks thanks to this unique technology. A true communication weapon.