Gravity Display The Cute

The Gravity Display - The Cute is a miniature version of our levitating display case. On a stand, placed on a piece of furniture or hung on the wall, this model is compact and can easily travel between different places according to your desires.

Thanks to its customizable design, this display case fits perfectly in your stores and does not require the construction of a specific cabinet.
  • Fully customizable (background, exterior design, color, logo...)
  • Compact and easily transportable
  • With or without foot, wall hanging
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Gravity Display - The Cute


Gravity Display The Box

The Gravity Display - The Box is an artistic showcase that can display up to three medium-sized objects (watch, jewelry, phone, artwork, glasses,...) in levitation.

This high-end display case, specially designed for exceptional places and luxury stores, allows you to highlight your product in a unique and elegant way. This product is both a work of art and a marketing tool.
  • Customizable background
  • Multi-object (1 to 3 levitating objects)
  • Made-to-measure scenography
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Gravity Display - The Box