21 mai 2021 - Levita

The customer experience in Roger Dubuis boutiques has been transformed by Levita's patented innovation.

When a pair of magicians dedicate their ten years of experience as emotion generators and their patented innovation at the service of watch brands, the approach to watches in boutiques enters a whole new dimension. Roger Dubuis gave it a test run in Dubai, Macau and Singapore.

Watches levitating in windows, even open ones, that can be picked up and admired from all angles without any visible technology? Between a marketing tool, a work of art that sublimates products and the customer experience, this innovation creates a new relationship between the sales team and its potential customers. Founders of the Levita company, Clément Kerstenne and Philippe Bougard patented their technique of levitating objects in 2019. Offering to levitate exceptional pieces in a fluid and elegant way, they use the impact of magic to communicate in points of sale. The attention is immediately captured by the watch(s) thus put forward, the interaction takes place more naturally with the salesperson, the customer becomes himself a diffuser of emotion when he then shares his video.

The Gravity Window acts as a transaction facilitator, but the two magicians don't stop at this technology. They adapt and design unique and customizable projects based on the brand's story, create scenarios and settings, integrate other technologies to increase interactivity, and even immersive experiences where customers are surrounded by levitating watches.

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