Levita places in Levitation the Crowns of the British royal family !

31 août 2022 - Levita

Founded by two Belgian magicians, Philippe Bougard and Clément Kerstenne, Levita has signed a five-star contract with Sotheby’s. Indeed, the prestigious London auction house has chosen the young Liège-based company to levitate pieces of jewelry belonging to the most noble families in Europe ! This exhibition is part of the 70th anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

An Exceptional Project For The Belgian Company

Since its creation in 2018, Levita has installed its magical windows all over the world. After levitating Dior products at 30 Avenue Montaigne in Paris in March 2022, the start-up has been working with a series of prestigious brands. With Audemars Piguet for a project in its Tokyo boutique, in Dubai for the Antwerp diamond dealer Taché or recently for a very special event for Bulgari at the Pantheon in Rome, Levita has seduced the biggest players in the world of luxury and fashion.

Today, the company continues its rise by installing display cases for Sotheby’s on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II’s jubilee! The exhibition aims to pay tribute to the Queen of England who will celebrate her platinum jubilee in June, namely 70 years of reign!

The auction house asked Levita to place 17 of these tiaras in levitation, in order to bring an even more magical side to this unique exhibition. Opened on Saturday May 28th, the event is already a great success, with more than 1000 visitors daily.

During this exhibition, which is already making a lot of noise in the world press, visitors can discover about fifty unique jewels. Some of them are exhibited for the first time, tracing the evolution of royal tiaras since 1830. Among them, we find tiaras that were worn by Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana.

A Collaboration That Lasts

The collaboration between Levita and Sotheby’s is a rolling affair that is not about to end. Indeed, after a first installation in Geneva in October 2021, Sotheby’s called on Levita again to sublimate necklaces for an auction in New -York. The feedback was unanimously positive, and Sotheby’s once again entrusted Levita in May 2022; with even greater intentions. This new international project allows Levita to assert itself a little more in the exclusive world of art and at the same time to see the future in a big way.

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Contacts & Infos

The team is available for interviews from the 02/06 to 05/06 from 9am to 6pm.

Levita’s offices are located at Boulevard D’Avroy 116, 4000 Liège, Belgium.

Interviews can also be done in advance by video call. This will be an opportunity to see a demonstration of this unique concept at the company’s offices in Liege.

It is also possible to schedule telephone interviews.

Here are the contacts:

Clément Kerstenne (co-founder): +32 474 32 51 69 [email protected]

Philippe Bougard (co-founder): +32 474 79 13 44 [email protected]

Nicolas Dembour (operations management): +32 474 50 42 97 [email protected]

Stéphanie Hourlay (marketing and communication): +32 477 88 86 78 stephanie@levita-magic. com

Find out more about our concepts by visiting our website and a preview of our latest installation for Dior here: