Flying Object Technology


Levita offers you to live an extraordinary and unforgettable visual experience by enhancing your prestigious objects.

Our concepts, unique in the world, use the art of magic and levitation for promotional and artistic purposes to anchor a memory, product or work of art in your customer's mind.
Our creative agency offers you innovative solutions to showcase your products in unexpected ways and carries out tailor-made projects in the image of your brand.

A work only has meaning if it is in motion

Constantin Brâncusi


3 concepts

Our Gravity Displays offer you endless possibilities

Plug & Play

A range of elegant display cases, designed to levitate and highlight your high-end products


A tailor-made and personalized project, an innovative solution to highlight your exceptional pieces

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Sky is the limit

If you have any crazy idea to put one of your products in motion, connect with our team. All of our innovation is developed in Belgium and we like craziness 

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Our goals


Clients are drawn to our displays and your products, looking at the object displayed from all angles, in its finest details


Create the surprise effect with clients


No support is needed to present your product and all the attention is focused on what you want to highlight thanks to our technology